The Best Drone Bags

Modern drones today are now equipped with the latest technologies to extend their flight times and even move away from other drones and flying entities. Because of such technologies, drones do not come in cheap. For the best drone-flying experiences, you need to take care of your drone and invest in the best accessories make it shine in the field and give it the best care and protection. So, let us begin with storage; here are some of the latest in excellent drone bags, cases and backpacks.

Buyers Guide

  1. What types of travel-friendly storage containers are available for drones?

    Answer: There is a good selection of containers and storage for drones fit for traveling. There are hardshell cases, carry bags, crossbody bags and shoulder bags that are excellent for storing drones. There are available drone backpacks as well—these drone backpacks are a convenient way to carry your drone hands-free. Drone storage containers are typically designed to feature compartments for the drone itself and the item’s accessories. These compartments feature parts that are built to fully safeguard your gear over the course of travel.

  2. What makes the best drone bag?

    Answer: When it comes to searching for the best drone bag, you need to consider the right size, configuration and of course the overall quality of the bag. The right drone storage for you should be durable and water-resistant—while your drone might have waterproof properties, its complimentary accessories might not have this attribute. Thus, you should always make sure that your drone bag, case or backpack is truly water-resistant. The size should be sufficient for your model drone and can fit all additional accessories. The carrying method is something you need to consider too—as mentioned earlier, drone storage is available as carrying cases, hardshell cases, cross-body bags, shoulder bags and backpacks. Choose one that feels most comfortable for you.

  3. Any safety tips for traveling with a drone?

    Answer: First and foremost, you need to check with the airline if they have specific requirements about carrying your drone along, whether as a checked luggage or as a carry-on since airlines differ when it comes to this aspect. There are airlines who will only permit drones to be put away as carry-on luggage since the DOT bans the transport of lithium-ion batteries in passenger airplanes’ cargo compartments. When it comes to checked luggage, rule of thumb states that drone owners must only carry LIPO batteries within a checked bag in case these batteries are stored within the drone itself. LIPO batteries ranging between 101-160Wh require approval from the airline first before they can be packed in a carryon. /p>

Our Top Picks


USA Gear Drone Backpack

  • 13.5 x 10.5 x 6.5 inches exterior dimensions
  • Includes security straps
  • Has removable dividers
  • Water-resistant base lining

Guarantee that your DJI Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, Spark and its chargers, controllers, extra blades and lenses are fully protected with the USA Gear Drone Backpack. Tote your drone and accessories in a hands-free manner with a sturdy, reliable drone ‘pack. This backpack comes with a water-resistant base lining to further safeguard drone and accessories from moisture and it has customizable interior dividers too which allows arrangements that will best fit your items.


MC-CASES Professional Carrying Case

  • Stores drone, batteries, remote control and the like
  • Features watertight seal all over lid
  • Has automatic pressure release valve
  • Load-tested soft-grip handle

The MC-CASES Professional Carrying Case ensures that your DJI Mavic models and goggles are in safe hands. This sturdy, durable and watertight case contains all the elements you need to protect your drone-flying implements while traveling from multiuse containers, a sealed lid, an automatic pressure-release valve, double-padlock holes and a stackable interlocking system. The case also comes with a soft-grip handle that’s load-tested for a maximum comfortable clutch.


Manfrotto MB BP-D1 DJI Professional Video Equipment Drone Backpack

  • Features different carrying options
  • Includes tripod connection
  • Made from high-quality ripstop nylon
  • Made for the DJI Phantoms series

The Manfrotto MB BP-D1 DJI Professional Video Equipment Drone Backpack is designed to accommodate drones from the DJI Phantom series including the Phantom 4. There’s sufficient room to take in all of your Phantom gear and it supports many ways to carry the bag too. This is the best drone backpack for use during inclement weather for it’s beefed-up with safeguards which protects your quadcopter, DLSR and lenses, accessories, personal effects and all content. It even houses a compartment for your laptop and smartphone.


Khanka Hard Travel Case for Drone

  • Made with premium EVA material
  • Designed for Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone
  • Has soft interior mesh pocket and sponge
  • Includes hand strap

The Khanka Hard Travel Case for Drone is ideal for drones like the Holy Stone F181W. It houses a multitude of accessories and it’s packed with elements that will contain your drone and supplementary items safely within. Make your accessories within reach by way of its convenient hand strap. The cushioning it comes with was a breeze to work with. This is an excellent, basic and no-fuss case for toting drone hobby items.


Lykus M1 Water Resistant Travel Backpack

  • Has sturdy exteriors and dividers
  • Compact, travel-friendly size
  • Great variety of carrying methods
  • Includes enclosed anti-water cover

The Lykus M1 Water Resistant Travel Backpack sees to it that your DJI Mavic drones and its accompanying essentials are kept out of danger’s reach. Extend the life of your drone by way of the ‘pack’s durable exteriors and dividers—they are built to last and contain drone extras without compromising their safety. The backpack also includes front and side pockets for storing personal effects plus an enclosed anti-water cover for guarding the pack from moisture.


Lowepro DroneGuard BP 200

  • Has customizable interiors
  • Includes hydration reservoir
  • Uses Form Shell technology
  • Has sweat-wicking back panel

The Lowepro DroneGuard BP 200 makes your DJI Mavic Pro and Pro Platinums safer through its utilization of the compression-molded Form Shell technology. This assures all parts of your drone will be protected despite frequent movement and shock. Already features space for phone and personal items. Pluses include its moisture-wicking back panel and 2-liter hydration reservoir.

Keep your hobby intact—lengthen the lifespan of your drones and quadcopters with a high-quality, durable drone bag/backpack. Select your favorite from this list.