Best Underwater Drones

You can always trust underwater drones or ROVs to make the diving experience more thrilling. While underwater drones were primarily designed for professional purposes like scientific research, underwater exploration and the like, these days you will find a great deal of underwater drones and ROVs designed for the purposes of leisure. Here are some fun recommendations for you to try on your next underwater pursuit.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is an underwater drone?

    Answer: The underwater drone is a remote-controlled unit which is used to pass through underwater. Its primary function is to capture footage under the sea for gathering scientific data, for military purposes, filmmaking, ship inspection, mapping, fishing and more. Majority of underwater drones and ROVs are equipped with stabilization systems, UHD 4K cameras and powerful lighting contraptions to effectively explore underwater settings. Drones for underwater use typically come at price points between a thousand dollars and more. There are affordable underwater drones and ROVs—they cost a hundred dollars or more however they are usually referred to as toy models.

  2. What are the benefits of underwater drones?

    Answer: The use of underwater drones for exploring underneath the sea is beneficial since its built and features cannot damage the surroundings. Majority of underwater drones are also equipped with cameras capable of capturing images with premium quality and have longer run time compared to their aerial counterparts. Some are also equipped with VR goggles to offer exhilarating FPV experiences.

  3. What factors should I consider when buying an underwater drone?

    Answer: First, you need to consider between tethered and wireless underwater drones. Again, this will depend on what type accommodates your needs best. Majority of underwater drones feature built-in LED lights with excellent brightness so you can check out life beneath the sea. All camera-equipped underwater drones and ROVs feature 4K ultra-HD for recording videos and for live-streaming in real-time, 1080p. Do not forget to consider the battery life of the unit—to guarantee that you can use your drone for hours, get a model whose batteries can be changed. Price also counts—you can get affordable ones below $1000 for recreational purposes. For photography, there are great models starting from $1000 to more than $2000.

Our Top Picks


Youcan Robot Underwater Drone

  • Has automatic adjust lighting
  • Auto-piloting modes
  • Includes 4K camera
  • Has 100-meter cable

The Youcan Robot Underwater Drone is equipped with a 4K camera, a 6X zoom lens and in general is designed with a slew of interesting features which will make underwater recreational activities more creative and captivating. The drone is very robust, designed with a strong frame plus seawater/corrosion resistance. The drone also includes auto-adjusting lighting capabilities with a maximum of 1380 lumens and control through the Android/iOS Dive App.


ROBOSEA Biki Underwater Drone

  • Works using Android/iOS app
  • Portable design
  • Has 4K ultra-HD video and camera stabilizer
  • Easy to clean

The ROBOSEA Biki Underwater Drone includes a remote control for working the drone throughout sea depths but it can also be handled by way of an Android/iOS app for mobile phones. It passes through the water by means of its mechanical tail fin. With just one charge, it can shoot videos for 2 hours. It comes with 32GB storage too, uses a reliable stabilizer system and features a 150-degree wide angle lens for better videos and photos. It can also avoid hurdles underwater within a range of 30 centimeters.


CHASING Dory Underwater Drone

  • Dives up to 49 ft.
  • 1080p camera
  • Has 250 lumen headlights
  • Has 49-inch tether

The CHASING Dory Underwater Drone comes with a 1080p HD camera and f/1.6 lens for better FOVs. To supplement this set-up, the drone also includes 250-lumen headlights. It can be controlled using the Chasing Dory app through your mobile phone—the drone can also be handled by two users, which is a plus and makes the whole experience more interactive. It connects wirelessly to devices up to 50 ft. away thru its Wi-Fi Buoy feature.


Aquarobotman Nemo 4K Underwater Camera Drone System

  • 4K video and 16MP support
  • Can shoot up to 120 FPS
  • Includes a quick-charging modular C-Hyperhelix battery
  • Extensive camera kit

The Nemo 4K Underwater Camera Drone System is your choice option for an underwater camera drone since it has the complete works. It shoots up to 120 FPS, has 4K and 16MP support, matrix lights, underwater shooting filter and a QAS balance system. The package already includes essentials like a fast-charge modular C-Hyperhelix battery, charger, 100m Kevlar zero-buoyancy line, reel and a Wi-Fi base station.


PowerVision PowerRay Explorer Underwater Camera Drone

  • Dives up to 98 ft. underwater
  • Has 165 ft. waterproof tether
  • 4K ultra-HD and 12MP support
  • Includes 32GB SD card

The PowerVision PowerRay Explorer Underwater Camera Drone is equipped with 2 dimmable headlights with a rating of 450 lumens to brighten surroundings and allow for better capture of 4K ultra-HD videos and 12megapixel photos. The drone also presents 1600 ISO max for a great view of the environment under the sea. The device comes with a principal vertical thruster for efficient depth changes as well and prevent tangled communication cables.


Geneinno Underwater Drone Camera

  • Uses 2.4GHz frequency to connect controlling unit
  • Has Triple-Thruster design
  • Full-HD 1080p camera
  • Features 120-degree wide angle lens

The Geneinno Underwater Drone Camera is outfitted with a tether which is designed to pass through 120 meters of depth and it links up to controllers by means of a Wi-Fi buoy. The device is also equipped with a 120-degree wide angle lens for excellent 1080p live video feeds at a reliable 30 FPS. For the best underwater visibility, the unit also comes with 1200-lumen LED lights. Another highlight of this underwater drone is its triple thruster design supplemented by a built-in leveling sensor.

Life underwater is one interesting sight, and the use of a drone designed to navigate throughout bodies of water makes diving experiences more insightful and thrilling. Our list of acclaimed underwater drones will help you in your quest for a device that is worth your hard-earned money. Choose your favorite from this list and enjoy the view from beneath the waters.