Best LiPo Battery Bag for Drone Hobbyists

Lithium-polymer batteries, also popularly known as LiPo batteries, are the primary power sources used in drones. These batteries are known for their lightweight, compact properties without scrimping on essential drone-flying factors like discharge rates. However, LiPo batteries are on the delicate side so they do need gentle, careful handling. Take care of your LiPo stash by investing in a quality battery bag for lithium-polymer batteries.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why use a special bag for lithium-polymer batteries?

    Answer: Old standards like lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries and nickel-metal hydride (Ni-Mh) batteries are a breeze to store. We can pack them in along with other items and it will stay put. However it is not the same with LiPo batteries—LiPo batteries are often susceptible to catching fire or igniting. This type of battery comes with a significantly thin polymer which serves as its electrolyte. Electrolytes are responsible for engaging the flow of current in battery terminals. Thus, it is risky for LiPo battery terminals to get in contact with each other because it can lead to overheating and at worst, an explosion. LiPo batteries need to be handled with care at all times—this means no dropping these batts, no puncturing them or putting lots of pressure on them. That is why you need a bag that is specifically-designed to store LiPo batteries—LiPo battery bags function to give the batts physical safeguards.

  2. Are LiPo batteries allowed in planes?

    Answer: Currently, airlines have been strict in imposing rules on carrying batteries. Passengers are now required to tote their batteries in carry-on luggage. Lots of airlines today require LiPo batteries be packed in a case or container that is strictly made for such types of batteries. LiPo bags are designed to be fireproof and durable enough to contain the items. As for its price, LiPo bags are not expensive—you can choose between small packs for storing extra batteries or choose a bigger one for traveling.

  3. How does a LiPo battery bag work?

    Answer: LiPo battery bags are made from flame-resistant/fire-retardant material. The bags serve as a safety measure against the risks of stored LiPo batteries. To keep your LiPo batteries safe, make sure to store them in a pack or bag when they are not being used. Always keep your batteries in a cool, dry place and keep them away from the sun and flammable items. In addition, make sure to keep watch on your LiPo batteries when charging because the most common cause of LiPo battery fires/explosions is overcharging.

Our Top Picks



  • Silicon-coated fiberglass
  • Has heat-blocking aluminum foil
  • Withstands up to 1,000-degrees F
  • Has strong Velcro seal

The HOBBYMATE Lipo Safe Bag makes sure our LiPo batteries will stay functional and safe by way of their trusty, well-equipped storage. The outer surface of this bag is made from flame-retardant PVC fabric and premium fire-retardant fiberglass to efficiently segregate a connection between the battery and its surroundings whenever it ignites or explodes by accident. This effective LiPo battery bag makes for a dependable fire-resistance measure especially when you need to deal with LiPo batts on a constant basis.


Apex RC Products Jumbo Fire-Resistant Lipo Battery Bag

  • Reliable LiPo battery container
  • Enough room for several batteries
  • Easy to open and close
  • Secure Velcro closures

Regardless of how careful you are when handling your LiPo batteries, you still need  to keep them in a very safe place, a type of storage where it can be contained in case it gets ignited or explodes due to oxygen contact. The Apex RC Products Jumbo Fire-Resistant LiPo Battery Bag, with its high-quality, sturdy and flame-retardant material can endure high temps and will not break down easily during such instances. The bag also comes with enough space for several batteries.


DerBlue 2pcs Fireproof Explosionproof Lipo Battery Safe Bag

  • Fireproof LiPo battery bag
  • 75 grams weight
  • 185 x 75 x 60mm
  • For safe storage and charging of batteries

The DerBlue 2pcs Fireproof Explosionproof Lipo Battery Safe Bag serves a storage for your vulnerable Lithium-polymer batteries. Fireproof enough to store your LiPo batteries—a dependable number for preventing the spread of dangerous flames caused by damaged lithium-polymer batteries. The presence of this bag will also keep your surroundings and home safe from the risks of exploding/burning LiPo batteries. Has enough room for a few batteries.


Aocyan Fireproof Lipo Safe Bag

  • Made from 100% fireproof fiberglass fabric
  • Double-layer structure
  • Includes exclusive charging port
  • Has PU-wrapped nylon handle

The Aocyan Fireproof Lipo Safe Bag is different from other LiPo storage bags in a sense that it includes an exclusive charge port for your charging cables. It is found by the side of the bag and it makes for convenient recharging of batteries kept inside it while at the same time, the bag keeps everything secured for a safer charge. The charge port also seals securely with an individual Velcro strap. For added protection, the bag is made from durable, double-layered fiberglass fabric.


Zeee Lipo Safe Bag

  • Made from 100% fireproof fiberglass fabric
  • Double-layered built
  • Safely guards LiPo batteries
  • Bigger space for batteries

The Zeee Lipo Safe Bag is a good option for carrying your LiPo batteries safely while traveling. The bag is made with effective 100% fireproof fiberglass fabric, both its inner and outer lining. This helps hold back any fires that might happen due to malfunctioning batteries. For safer charging, always guarantee that the battery you are charging within the bag is securely sealed. Bag weighs 215 grams and measures 21.5 x 16.5 x 14.5 cm.


COLCASE Lipo Safe Bag

  • Premium fire-retardant fiberglass nylon interiors
  • Fire-retardant coated exteriors
  • Includes double zipper
  • Sufficient space for several batteries

The COLCASE Lipo Safe Bag is another travel-friendly option for securing your vulnerable LiPo batteries. It can contain up to 15 small batteries and up to 5 big ones. The bag is designed with a double zipper too for added safety plus a carrying handle for comfortable transport. It is made from premium fiberglass and nylon material that’s treated with an effective fire-retardant coating. Capable of containing flames in case of malfunctioning batteries.

Lithium-polymer batteries can be dangerous so it’s always a smart move to store them in protective bags and containers. Check our list for the best in the industry.