Best Drone Battery Chargers

If you want to extend your drone flying sessions, a charger is your best option next to extra batteries. Topping up your drone batts will make practice flying, shooting videos and taking photos a more effortless activity. In the market for a good battery charger for your drone? Here are some items you might be interested to know.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the difference between lithium-ion polymer batteries and lithium-ion batteries?

    Answer: Lithium-ion polymer batteries, also referred to as lithium polymer or LiPo batteries and standard lithium-ion batteries feature lithium content however they do have their differences. A primary difference between the two is application; lithium-ion batteries are often used in mobile phones, digital cameras, power tools, computers and related accessories. LiPo batteries are often used in electric toys like RC cars and drones, portable electric equipment, electric devices, as power supply backup, medical equipment and more. The characteristics of LiPo batteries have made this item the best power source on lots of products.

  2. What is the best battery for my drone?

    Answer: When it comes to choosing the best battery for your drone, you have to consider its maximum takeoff weight—remember, the longer the flight duration, the heavier (and more expensive) the battery gets. This compromise might just mean a waste of money thus it’s better if you have extra batteries on hand plus a quality charger. Furthermore, remember that the higher number of cells a battery has, the higher its voltage and rate of flight time it can provide. Take note of the discharge rate that the battery comes with since this factor determines the level of energy consumption that the motor of the drones require.

  3. What are the current laws for traveling with LiPo batteries today?

    Answer: These days, passengers are required by the FAA to transport spare batteries in a carryon luggage. This means that you will be allowed to carry with you 3 LiPo batteries onboard max. You can pack your drone along with its battery in a checked bag and stash 3 of the batteries with you on the plane. Lithium batteries with over 100W hours might be permitted in carryon luggage with the approval of the airline however this will be limited to just 2 extra batteries per passenger.

Our Top Picks


Hitech RCD 44249 Power Peak D7 400 W AC/DC Dual Balance Charger

  • Has 2 independent 200W output ports
  • 110-240 Volts AC/ 1-30 Volts DC input power source
  • 400W total maximum output
  • Built-in multiplex battery identification system

The Hitech RCD 44249 Power Peak D7 battery charger is capable of providing 20 amps of charger current max through its two independent 200W output ports. It also comes with small USB sockets for keeping track of your battery’s health through its LogView software. This is a versatile charger since its 5V/1A USB charge socket means it can be used to juice mobile phones, digital cameras and other USB-based electronic devices. Very effective in charging batteries in a faster, safer manner.


Great Planes ElectriFly Triton2 EQ AC/DC Charger with Bal LCD

  • Can charge 1-6 cell lithium-polymer batteries
  • 0.1-8 amps adjustable charge current
  • Includes ElectriFly AC/DC Triton2 EQ with alligator clips
  • Has ElectriFly and FlightPower adapters

The Great Planes ElectriFly Triton2 EQ AC/DC Charger with Bal LCD is one sturdy, dependable and travel-friendly charger for your drone units. It can accommodate all-size battery packs and it’s easy to use too as long as you follow what’s advised on the included instruction manual. This is a great charger to have on hand since it supports nearly all sorts of batts from LiPo batteries to Pb and Ni-Cd. The presence of both AC and DC is just one of this charger model’s many benefits.


Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger

  • Supports several battery pack types
  • Includes accessories
  • Provides wider voltage compatibility
  • Has several functions

The Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger is another great pick for an inclusive charger since it has support for several battery pack types; it accommodates NiCd, LiPo, NiMH, LiFePO4, Li-ion and SLA. The charger also features wider voltage compatibility from the most used 9.6V to SLA 2V-20V to LiPO/Li-ion 3.7V-22.2V (1S-6S) and LiFePO4 3.2V-19.2V (1S-6S). The package already includes accessories like Deans connectors so it can support lots of charging connectors plus an octopus multi-charging harness for RC car types.


Holy Stone 5 in 1 Max 2.5A Current Input Fast Battery Charger

  • Charges 5 batteries simultaneously
  • Connects with computer or phone thru USB port
  • Has charging indicator light
  • Has short-circuit protection and over-charge protection

The Holy Stone 5 in 1 Max 2.5A Current Input Fast Battery Charger is made to work on 5 batteries quickly, all at the same time. you do have to connect the charger to a USB power supply though—for maximum power and speedier charging, it is better if you just opt for a wall socket. This is an affordable find that is not only fast-working and efficient, it’s easy to use too.


Venom Pro Duo LiPo Battery Charger

  • Balance-charges all battery types
  • Provides safe balance charging
  • Has advanced features and functions
  • Includes instruction manual

The Venom Pro Duo LiPo Battery Charger has the works included in the package so you can further understand how to take advantage of its functions; it has a detailed instruction manual, charge leads, two balance blocks, and both AC and DC power cables. It is designed to balance-charge all kinds of batteries from your drone LiPos down to lead acid-based Pb batteries. The device has several high-tech features which allows it to operate efficiently on dead batts from fast charging, balance charging, cycling and even includes a battery meter.


SKYRC B6 AC V2 Battery Charger

  • Upgraded version of brand’s iMAX B6AC
  • More stable and precise
  • Features capacity limit
  • Provides automatic charging current limit

The SKYRC B6 AC V2 Battery Charger is now the current and most well-praised version of the previous iMAX B6AC but with more accuracy and stability plus a slew of useful features. This time, users have the power to input the terminal voltage and link it to computers for PC control and upgrades for its firmware. The charger now includes beneficial and convenient features too like capacity limit, lithium battery meter, a battery internal resistance meter and automatic charging current limit. This means your batteries will remain healthier and live a longer lifespan.

Camera and video-happy drone enthusiasts need to have a charger on hand apart from extra batteries. This will sustain the creativity and fun that drone flying sessions provide. Choose from our list or high-quality chargers today.